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Pegasus tattoos … Pegasus the winged horse of Greek mythology. With the snake-haired Gorgon Medusa, the son of Poseidon, god of the sea and is believed to be a giant Chrysaor’un brother.

How pegasus… Perseus killed Medusa’s head cut off by the head or splashed in the blood of the land is located in the birthplace of two different myths. The color is completely white, and that allows you to fly there are two large wings. When you fly in the air looks like ran.

Maybe one day… Pegasus separated at birth from the earth, and flew from the land of the gods. Has undertaken the task of bringing lightning to Zeus. Located on Mount Helicon and Musa believed to have been inspired to hit the ground with his foot as a result of Hippocrene fountain of Pegasus and Pegasus emerged from the “poetic inspiration” and identified with. Later, the golden bridle given him the help of Athena, was captured by Bellerophon, Chimera and the Amazons of the battles in which is said to have helped him.

Pegasus Tattoo Meanings… Excessive greed, out of the mountain of Olympos Bellerophon shown as harmful as a symbol of immortals through him who wanted to interfere between the Pegasus to Mount Olympus itself has continued to return to the profession.